Connect & Consolidate

Import information seamlessly and easily from almost any data source in almost any format.

Source Data Protection

Protect source data integrity with read-only access to all imported data-sets.

Deliver Key Insights

Use over 100 audit functions for a robust analysis, including ageing, duplication detection and Benford’s Law.

Risk-based Sample Model

Apply a risk based sample model using systemic, random or monetary unit techniques and prioritise areas with elevated risks.


Built-in Workflows

Execute a full suite of analytical tests for Financial audits with the SmartAnalyzer FinApp.

Explore & Visualise

Pinpoint patterns, trends and outliers visually based on the outcomes of tests to focus audit efforts.

Record Every Step

Follow a clear built-in audit trail that allows for repeatable analysis and audit evidence.

Advanced Analysis Using Python

Incorporate advanced analytics in the analysis process with Python scripting support.

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